Creating a Roster

  1. Login into your account. If you have the right credentials then you will see “WP-Table Reloaded” unders “Tools”.
  2. Select an existing roster that is close to what you need. Ie. if you need to create another 10.45 roster then choose an existing 10.45 roster.
  3. Click on copy.
  4. Rename the copy with the correct month and year.
  5. Modify roster with the desired people, etc.
  6. Click “Update Changes” to save.
  7. Go to Posts and create a new post.
  8. Click “Visual” tab if not already selected.
  9. Click “Insert Table” icon.
  10. Select the newly created table from the list.
  11. Add the following text;If you are unavailable to fulfil your duty, please arrange a swap. To change your duties please contact Gail in the office, or email with the word “Roster” in the subject.
  12. Select the category under the correct roster.
  13. Check the box for “Hide on front page”.
  14. Click “Publish”.

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