Youth and Children's Minister at Ormond Anglican Church

Services this weekend

This weekend our church is on camp at CYC The Island, Cowes. Therefore we only have one service running this Sunday at 9:00am. Our 10:45am and 5:00pm congregations will not be meeting at their usual times. All services will be back running as usual the following weekend, 14th May.

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Join us for Easter!

Easter Week begins this Sunday and we would love you to join us to celebrate the good news! Whether you attend a church in another part of the world, you haven’t been to church for a while, or maybe you don’t even know what all the hype about Easter is,…

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#FreeSpeech in Goldstein

I'm in. Where's my friend, Andrew Hastie? He should swing by Goldstein soon. We love #FreeSpeech in Goldstein … — Tim Wilson MP (@timwilsoncomau) March 19, 2017 Goldstein MP Tim Wilson dropped by our church to take a photo with our sign during the week. Tim was featured in…

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